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Because I spend a considerable amount of my time creating dramatic biographies for pretend people, I find writing about me boring to a yawn. However, it is required that I write something personal or have the life story of a typing monkey substituted. Fearing the typing monkey may have a more lively biography than I, here goes.

I was born on the Ute Indian Reservation in northeastern Utah and raised by goodly parents in wilderness areas of the West, mainly Wyoming and Idaho. The death of my father when I was 12 was the defining event of my childhood that separated me from the free-ranging life of a forest ranger’s child and the structured, fenced-in routine of boarding school.

Upon graduating from Wasatch Academy in Mt. Pleasant, Utah, I moved into another dorm at Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. After two years, my free spirit rebelled and I tiptoed into the real world as a civil servant where I met the love of my life.

We married, had two sons, I graduated with honors from the University of Utah as an elementary school teacher. Three years later I received a master’s degree in mathematics education and moved up to the secondary schools of Granite School District, Salt Lake valley.

Going to school grew into a comfortable habit and I came within a hare’s breath of a doctorate in mathematics education when I discovered I would not be allowed to stay as a classroom teacher. Leaving “higher learning” I developed a mathematics laboratory, took a writing class and changed my life forever.

Now I could safely escape the routine of my life and travel mentally through time and space to wherever I liked. The results over the years were 12 Christian historical novels, two of which are still in print and available internationally.

Writing these quick reads has been fun, but my life experiences tell me it is time to jump into the unknown and grow. My work-in-progress is a novel titled The Memory of Water dealing with issues of today’s modern woman. She, who seems to have everything, but in reality early in her life has given up her real treasure. Much later when the heart pangs become almost too much to bear, she sets herself a quest to recover the loss and repair her life and the lives of those she loves.